Digital Library Services

The services below are available at our Station Master’s House site, not the Birkdale Method Church site. Our volunteers will do their best to support you with your internet access and printing requirements.

Computers & WiFi

There is free WiFi throughout

You must be a member of The Station Master’s House first (which is free), and abide by the computer use policy, which can be read here. One computer workstation has electronic height adjustment for wheelchair users and The Station Master’s House has a an accessible lift between floors.


  • Windows 10
  • Intel i5 processor with 8GB RAM
  • Internet, access to the British Film Institute Replay service, access to our library catalog
  • The latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access


Please note you cannot save work on these machines permanently, they are wiped at restart. Please save any documents to a USB Pendrive or mail them to yourself. Pendrives are available for sale at the front desk

Old Media Digitising

We provide a digitisation service in which old 35mm slides and VHS tapes will be converted to a digital format which can be sent anywhere in the world. The service is presently limited to a maximum of 25 slides or one VHS tape.

 The charge for the service is £5.00 but you can pay more if you wish. Bring your slides or tape into the Station Master’s House in an envelope marked “Photos for Digitising”. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer form and provide an email address for us to let you know how to access the digitized items and that your original slides or tape are ready to collect

Printing & Scanning

We have a fast ink jet printer at the Station Master’s House and for a small charge per sheet (currently 10 pence), you can print from your phone or one of our PCs. We can also photocopy documents for you.

The printer offers one- or two-sided prints, in black and white or full colour. We cannot usually accommodate larger print jobs (over 20 pages) without prior arrangement.

 We can also scan documents and either email the resultant image to you, or save it to a USB pendrive (which are available to buy from Reception)