Book Donations

We are grateful for all book donations, hardback or paperback, which help keep our library stock fresh and even helps us to pay our bills.

The book donation process works like this:


  • You can donate any number of books by dropping them off at either of our premises, The Station Master’s House or the Birkdale Methodist Church. We can also collect books if a significant number are being donated.
  • We review every book to see if we can use it in our own library, or if not, if it has any value through reputable online book dealers.
  • Books are then added to our own Library catalogue or boxed up to be transferred to our chosen book depository partner. They will trade all books through online dealers, either individually or in bulk (often internationally to promote reading and English Teaching).
  • The proceeds of  these saless is invaluable in the running and maintaining of our charitable aims
  • Only books that have suffered damage will be pulped, but even then they will be used in the book making process once again.

    Your unwanted books are valuable to the Birkdale Community Hub & Library – thanks for donating to us!