Shared Reading brings people of all ages and backgrounds together through the enjoyment of listening to a short story, poem or extract from a novel being read aloud. Groups meet through national charity The Reader, which was launched more than a decade ago in Birkenhead. There are now 500 groups across the UK, held in a wide variety of settings, such as libraries, community and support centres and care homes.

Birkdale Shared Reading Group started in early 2020 and during the pandemic a few of us have managed to continue reading together online. We read a wide variety of texts, classics and modern, pausing¬† to talk about what we’ve read, sharing our thoughts and perhaps memories triggered by the reading if we wish to. There is no pressure on anyone to read or to speak, you are welcome to join us and just relax and listen. We meet on Tuesday afternoons at 2 pm and are greatly looking forward to being able to do so at the library and to welcoming new people. If you would like to come along or to find out more, please contact Judith at:¬† or enquire at the library. There is no charge for coming to the group. You can also find more information about shared reading on The Reader website: .