Why not pop into the library and pick up a copy of one of these compelling titles. ‘Life After Life’ by Kate Atkinson is a four-part drama currently showing on BBC2 about the many lives of Ursula Todd. The drama is adapted from the novel of the same name published to critical acclaim in 2013. This work of historical fiction uses these alternative possible lives of the central character as its structure and presents a central message that World War II was preventable and should not have been allowed to happen.

‘Operation Mincemeat’ which went on general release in the cinema on April 15th is also set in wartime and is based on the book by Ben Macintyre about a real allied mission. The book is billed as ‘the true spy story that changed the course of World War II.’ Intrigued to find out more about this deception operation? You’ll be even more intrigued when you find out that Ian Fleming, yes the same one who later created James Bond, was instrumental in helping to organise Operation Mincemeat, no doubt providing plenty of inspiration for his eponymous hero.