Twelve Tales of Christmas – Day by Day

Each day from the 12th of December until Christmas day a new children’s story reading will appear here, we hope you enjoy them.

We’re Opening!

We’re finally opening on the 18th May 2021 for a click and collect book service. We can’t wait to see everybody! 

Right now you can browse the books in our online catalog, but from the week before the 18th you will be able to register to be a member of the library for free. Check back on our website as we will post when registration is open nearer the 18th.

Having registered, it will take a couple of days to get you set up on the library system. Once set up we’ll email your logon details to you (please only call in to register in person if you are unable to access email). You can then logon to the library system and reserve books for collection next open day. Unfortunately, to start off with, you won’t be able to browse the shelves in person or use our other facilities.

When you arrive at the library to collect your book loans for the first time you will be asked to agree and sign a brief terms of use for the library, then issued with a library card to be used to borrow books in future. 

Our opening times initially are,

TUESDAYS         10am – 8pm

THURSDAYS      10am – 8pm

SATURDAYS       10am – 1pm

There will be a further announcement after the 18th May about when access to our computer and meeting rooms will be available, please use the contact form on our website to enquire about our rooms.

New Renovation Video

We’ve produced a short video on the Home page of this website describing how the Station Master’s House was renovated from the dilapidated old building into a community hub and library. We hope you enjoy it.

New lift to be installed

Great news, we’ve finally received funding to complete installation of a lift in The Station Master’s House. We have received a grant from the Access for All fund which will enable us to complete the purchase and installation of the lift at the Station Master’s House.

The grant was obtained by Merseyrail on our behalf and we are buying the lift from Stannah, a British company with a factory in Hampshire.   

The lift shaft and associated works are already in place. Our contractor William Scott Ltd is overseeing the installation and the estimated installation date is 11th March 2021. 

This means that we open fully we will be able to offer full access to the whole building for everyone, including those in wheelchairs.

Welcome to our new website

Our website has been redesigned in preparation for the opening of the library for click-and-collect when this is possible, and of course full opening later in the year. We hope you like the new colour scheme and layout which we feel is cleaner and easier on the eye.

The library link in the header section will indeed let you browse out library stock, but unfortunately not yet reserve any books for collection until it is safe to do so. Our two managers, Tim and Ian, will be regularly assessing when this is possible with the trustees, so please check back to see our latest news.

Xmas Story winners and runners up – 19 to 100 years category

‘The Night Before Christmas’ by Denise Jones

Read by Katie Campolucci-bordi

Runner up
‘The Night Before Christmas’ by Helen Patten

Read by Berna Purcell

Runner up
‘The Night Before Christmas – Fast Fiction’ by Anne Collison

Video created by Donna Gowland

Xmas Story winners and runners up – 8 to 11 years category

‘The Night Before Christmas’ by Amelia Mahony

Read by Katie Campolucci-bordi

‘The Night Before Christmas’ by George Cook

Read by Berna Purcell

Runner up
‘The Christmas Storm’ by Lucas Blee

Read by Mary Malone

Runner up
‘The Night Before Christmas’ by Amberley Lloyd Ellington

Read by Suzanne McDonald

Runner up
‘The Night Before Christmas’ by Heidi Maxwell

Read by Mary Malone