Jenny Pearson. The Boy Who Made Monsters.

Matt Goodfellow. The Final Year

Tola Okogwu. Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun

Padraig Kenny. Stitch

Judith Eagle. The Stolen Songbird

S F Said. Tyger

The Sefton Super Reads Award, organised by Sefton school librarians and Sefton Libraries, started about 20 years ago as a means of encouraging keen readers in schools to widen their choice of fiction.  The first winner was Joseph Delaney’s first book, The Spook’s Apprentice. He visited many schools to talk about his writing, and went on to write 18 more books in this dark fantasy series set in Lancashire.  The novel was filmed in 2014. Many pupils in the Sefton area have met authors at the annual summer event to present the award.  During lockdown, the award took place remotely, but it is hoped to have a live event in 2024, so that enthusiastic readers can get together to meet authors, and read the opinions of other reviewers.