Our Online Selling

To help with funding activities at the Station Master’s House we have set up a marketplace for selling donated items online.  At first we shall be using eBay as our preferred selling platform but later we may explore wider online sales websites.  If you have something that you no longer want, please consider donating it for us to sell.

What sort of things?  We’ve developed some criteria to help you decide if your donated item would be suitable:

  • items must be in good, saleable condition, boxed if at all possible, and in good working order.
  • items must have some clear value by themselves (minimum of £5) or when grouped with others as a single lot. A good rule of thumb is that the item would be suitable as a raffle prize.
  • we cannot accept clothing, soft furnishings, highly fragile items, perishable goods or mains electrical items.
  • generally, smaller items are preferred. Larger, bulky items can be accepted if storage is possible, perhaps by the donor while the item is for sale.

The sales team can be contacted for any queries about suitability of the item etc. via the email:  sales@thestationmastershouse.co.uk

A couple of other points:

  • acceptance of an item is on the understanding that, should we be unable to sell it, the Sales team will decide how to dispose of the item.
  •  accepted items may be offered for sale or as prizes at events run by the charity.

How to give us your item.  Smaller items can be brought to the Station Master’s House when it is open and, if accepted by the volunteer on duty, put by for collection by the Sales team.  If you have larger items, please email the Sales team (with photos and dimensions if possible) to sort out how to get the item(s) onto eBay for sale.



Thanks for taking an interest and supporting the Station Master’s House.