BUNTING – BCHL plan to support the village celebrations by decorating the Station Masters House with bunting.  So we are asking those of you who sew if you can make some bunting triangles. To get the pattern please download the PDF by clicking on this link Template for Bunting for the Stationmasters House and then print out as A4 size. The triangle pattern should be 24cm on the long sides and 19cm on the short side. Make them out of washable, woven cotton or polycotton fabric (It does not have to be new fabric, just in good clean condition) in pastel or bright colours, plain or patterned. Please put your completed triangles through the letterbox of the Station Masters House by Birkdale station or contact treasurer@thestationmastermastershouse.co.uk or ring 07561838818   to arrange to get the triangles to us.  BCHL will then arrange to have them sewn on to tapes to make the bunting.

CALLING ALL CRAFTERS – BCHL is planning to hold a mini Victorian Bazaar to help raise funds during the open golf week in July.   This will include a stall that is a ‘Sale of Fancy Work’.  So whatever your craft, knitting, sewing, paper, wood etc could you consider making something for us to sell (or if you have items you have made already and would be happy to donate) to stock our stall.  Possible themes for some goods are, golf, books, trains or Victorian, but any beautifully crafted items are welcome. (Although unfortunately for insurance reasons we cannot accept edible crafts.) Contact treasurer@thestationmastermastershouse.co.uk or ring 07561838818   to arrange to get your handicrafts to BCHL.