If you are a Co-op member 1% of your spending on Co-op branded goods and services over the next six months can be allocated to Birkdale Community Hub and Library. If you already have a Co-op membership please sign into your account  and back Birkdale Community Hub and Library as your good cause or telephone  0800 023 4708 and ask to register Birkdale Community Hub and Library  as your good cause.  Not a Co-op member but use your local Co-op?  You can register on line or ring  0800 023 4708.  It does cost £1.00 but there are benefits for you as well as BCHL.

One small action on your part can raise BCHL quite a lot of money over the next 6 months and the sooner you start the more we can raise.  And this is a ‘Once Only’ opportunity for Birkdale Community Hub and Library so please act as soon as you can.

Thank you for your support.